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Our Traffic and Weather Map displays the current traffic and weather conditions in your local area. To display the traffic conditions, simply zoom in on the map. Street names and route numbers will begin to appear as you zoom in. Also, if you hover your mouse pointer over the “Map” button in the upper right corner of the map, you can switch on the “Terrain” view to give you an idea of what the geographical terrain will be in that area. This map is completely responsive and will size to fit perfectly on your mobile phone or tablet so you can view the current traffic and weather conditions on the go. If you need directions, just type in your current location and the address of your destination below the map. Just another way Truck Driving Schools Info helps you get to your final destination!

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Traffic Conditions Key

  Green = Traffic conditions are ideal.

    Yellow = Traffic is slightly congested.

Red = Traffic is heavily congested.

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Trucker Resources
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