Dry Cleaners Near Me

Whether you’re just trying to remove a nasty stain or you need your best outfit all clean and pressed for that special occasion, finding good “dry cleaners near me” is your first step. That’s why we’re here to help you find a dry cleaner nearby!


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What Services do Dry Cleaners Near Me Offer?

Dry cleaners don’t just clean and press clothes, they provide many other services as well.  Your local dry cleaner will most likely provide the following services:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Wet cleaning
  • Steam pressing
  • Alterations
  • Fabric preservation
  • Garment storage
  • Mothproofing
  • Stain removal
  • Odor removal
  • Restoration
  • Hourly turnaround

The Downside of Using a Laundromat

Laundromats force you to wait around and wash and dry your own clothes. The washing machines use water and harsh detergents to clean your clothes, as well as hot dry air to dry them. This can ruin your best clothes over time.

Dry Cleaners Near Me

Many laundromats are crowded on the weekends as well, since most people do the laundry on their day off. Not only do you have to wait for the machines to do their thing, you may have to wait before you can use one.

If your local laundromat is located in the city, you’ll need more than just laundry quarters, you’ll need quarters for the parking meter as well. Depending on how long it takes for your clothes to wash and dry, this can get very expensive very fast.

The Benefits of Using a Dry Cleaner

While going to a laundromat is usually cheaper than getting your clothes cleaned at a dry cleaner, the benefits of using a good dry cleaner far outweigh the costs.

No Waiting – Because it’s a drop-off and pick-up business, going to the dry cleaners near me is convenient. The laundromat, on the other hand, forces you to wait around for your clothes to get done. Plus, if you need to use the parking meter, it will cost you much less than a laundromat would since you’ll be in and out in no time. Save your quarters for the casino.

Less Damaging – Every time you wash your clothes, you’re damaging them, little by little. Sure, fabric softeners help slow down the process, but eventually, harsh detergents will ruin that favorite shirt or dress of yours.

Since the dry cleaners near me use gentle solvents instead of harsh detergents, clothes last much longer, saving you money in the long run. Plus, dry cleaners are experts at knowing exactly which treatments to use for every stain, odor, crease, and wrinkle.

Cleaners Near Me

Easy Access – Because there are so many dry cleaners nearby in your area, you never need to dry far to get your clothes cleaned. Simply use the map above to find a dry cleaner near you.

So Much More – Dry cleaners don’t just clean and press clothes. Many of them do alterations, store garments, clean household garments, restore wedding gowns, and even come to your house to clean your sofa or drapes. Some dry cleaners even restore old handbags, making them look new again.

Preparing Your Clothes for the Dry Cleaner

Before you drop your clothes off at the cleaners, it’s always a good idea to check your pockets for the following:

  • Coins and dollar bills
  • Jewelry
  • Important documents
  • Any other keepsakes

Many people forget to empty the pockets of their pants, shorts, suits, and jackets before dropping them off at the dry cleaners. While most dry cleaners are trustworthy professionals, you never want to take the chance that someone may help themselves to your valuables.

Let your dry cleaner know about any existing damage to your clothes, whether it be broken zippers, loose buttons, or even tears in the fabric. Most dry cleaners near me can perform alterations and fix all these problems.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Dry Cleaners Near Me?

While there are many benefits to using a dry cleaner, there are very few disadvantages. The only downsides I can think of are:

  • Handing your clothes off to a total stranger
  • Perchloroethylene (PERC) is a known allergen
  • Dry cleaning is a tad more expensive than washing your clothes at home

Find dry cleaners in your area.

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