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Why Truck Driving Schools Info?

      Whether you are embarking on a new career or you just want to take your current truck driving career to a whole new level, Truck Driving Schools Info is the information access point for all your CDL training needs. We are here to help you make the transition from driver to successful truck driver as easy as possible. It’s a long hard road ahead but, you don’t have to travel it alone… at least, not until you have your commercial drivers license and you’re driving the big rig of your dreams!

      There are approximately 1.5 million heavy truck and tractor trailer drivers making $25,330 to $59,620 per year and there is no reason why you can’t be one of them (BLS 2017, [https://www.bls.gov/ooh/transportation-and-material-moving/heavy-and-tractor-trailer-truck-drivers.htm]). Let’s face it, with a projected job increase of 11% and roughly 192,600 new jobs by 2022, the trucking industry is the industry to get into! Of course, we realize that many of you who are interested in becoming a professional truck driver do not know what is required or how you should go about obtaining your CDL. Many of you may already have your commercial drivers license and want to further your truck driving career but, you are unsure of what your options are or where to get the additional training you need.

      That is why we created Truck Driving Schools Info.

What Sets Truck Driving Schools Info Apart?

      While there are many CDL training websites, we have found that most of them are not very user-friendly. Many times, you don’t even know where to start and they can leave you feeling even more confused than when you arrived. Of course, of the few truck driving school directories on the web, Truck Driving Schools Info is the only website that gives you a comprehensive up-to-date list of truck driving schools across America, complete with school ratings from the students themselves. 

      Truck Driving Schools Info also gives you what no other CDL training website gives you, and that is a state categorized list of all the truck driving schools that have been rated by the Better Business Bureau, complete with links to their corresponding BBB webpage. 

      Truck Driving Schools Info also provides a state specific guide on how to apply for and obtain your commercial drivers license through the DMV. Not only do we provide the process you must go through in an easy and categorized manner, we also provide the DMV forms and manuals you will need to complete the process. 

      You see, our objective is simple. We want to walk you through the entire process, step-by-step, so you can focus more on your CDL training, and less on what you must do to acquire that training.

      We hope this answers any questions you may have about what we do and why we created this website. If you still have some questions after reading this page, feel free to contact us. Good luck! And remember, your journey on the road to truck driving success starts here!


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