Truck Driving Schools in Wesson, Mississippi

If you’re looking for truck driving schools in Wesson, you’ve come to the right place! There are several trucking schools in Wesson and the surrounding area that will give you the truck driver training you need to obtain your commercial driver’s license (CDL) and become a professional truck driver. Whether you’re interested in becoming a dry van hauler, a flatbed truck driver, a refrigerated freight driver, tanker driver, or becoming an owner-operator that owns their own business, truck driving schools in Wesson can help make it happen in a matter of a few short weeks.

What You Will Learn at the Truck Driving Schools in Wesson

Truck Driving Schools in Wesson, Mississippi

Classroom Instruction

When it comes to truck driver training, most truck driving schools generally teach the same thing. The trucking schools in Wesson are no exception. As a student, you can expect to learn about the following in the classroom:

  • Map reading
  • Trip planning
  • Log book protocol
  • Essential driving skills
  • Proper pre-trip and post-trip inspections
  • Basic mechanical systems and individual truck components
  • Federal regulations that pertain to commercial truck driving
  • State and local laws that pertain to commercial truck driving

Skills Training

On the training lot, where you actually learn how to operate a full-sized rig, you can generally expect to learn and practice the following:

  • Climbing into and out of the tractor
  • Clutching, accelerating, braking, and shifting gears
  • Coupling the tractor to the trailer
  • Uncoupling the tractor to the trailer
  • Inspecting both the tractor and the trailer
  • Turning the tractor-trailer
  • Backing up the tractor trailer
  • Docking the tractor trailer
  • Serpentine driving exercises 

Keep in mind that while a few schools use computerized simulators to train their students how to operate a tractor-trailer, most truck driving schools use real trucks and trailers.

Road Training

Finally, you’ll observe the instructor as he shows you how to operate a tractor-trailer on the road. Once the instructor feels you’re ready, he’ll put you behind the steering wheel and observe you as you do most or all of the following:

  • Drive the tractor-trailer without a load
  • Drive the tractor-trailer fully loaded
  • Drive the tractor-trailer on rural roads
  • Drive the tractor-trailer on city streets
  • Drive the tractor-trailer on highways
  • Drive the tractor-trailer in light traffic
  • Drive the tractor-trailer in moderate to heavy traffic
  • Drive the tractor-trailer on inclines and downgrades
  • Drive the tractor-trailer at night

After you’ve accumulated enough hours behind-the-wheel, you’ll most likely spend the rest of your time preparing for the CDL Road/Skills Test.

Truck Driving Schools in Wesson and the Financing Options Available

The trucking schools in Wesson may provide financing options to help you pay for the cost of tuition. Financing options may include private loans, federal loans, and in some cases, government grants. Because the cost of most truck driver training programs are usually much lower than other skilled trades programs, you shouldn’t have any problem making your dream of becoming a professional truck driver a reality.

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List of Truck Driving Schools in Wesson

Copiah-Lincoln Community College
1001 Copiah Lincoln Circle
Wesson, MS 39191

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